White House Patriots Crowd Size Stirs Controversy


The New York Patriots pro football team called out the New York Times for a misleading group picture of yesterday's ceremony with President Trump.

The Times on Wednesday tweeted an Associated Press photo of the Patriots standing behind Obama on the south side of the White House in 2015.

The Patriots posted another photo to their Twitter account Wednesday showing Patriots staff and players who visited the White House Wednesday, among other personnel.

A reported 34 members of the Patriots visited the Trump White House on Wednesday in celebration of winning Super Bowl 51.

However, during his 10 minute speech during the Pats' White House visit, Trump didn't mention Brady one time. On Wednesday, they were seated on the South Lawn.

Meanwhile, Trump opted to maintain his love/hate relationship with his hometown newspaper - while he loves to describe The New York Times as "failing", he also gives them a steady stream of interviews and scoops.

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On Wednesday, the Patriots were missing several faces for several reasons. The franchise has nine Super Bowl appearances.

The sports media, which the writers themselves admit has become a very liberal profession, continue to celebrate athletes for boycotting the Trump White House or stating in advance that they would do so.

"Failing @nytimes, which has been calling me wrong for two years, just got caught in a big lie concerning New England Patriots visit to W.H.", Trump tweeted. Of course, he stayed home in 2015 as well, so who knows with that guy. Tom Brady was a late scratch from the visit because of a personal issue, and a few other players declined to make the trip.

On Thursday, New York Times sports editor Jason Stallman apparently offered up an apology while talking to Colin Campbell of Yahoo, although there was no attribution.

The Times added an update on its Twitter feed Wednesday night saying: "Patriots say # of players was smaller this year than 2015 (34 vs. 50) but total delegation was roughly the same".