Law Enforcement Credits Community Involvement For Jakubowski's Capture


Joseph Jakubowski, who was considered "armed and unsafe", allegedly stole 18 firearms from a gun store near Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 4, then allegedly torched his auto and fled, and had been on the run ever since.

Joseph Jakubowski made news when a video of him rambling as he prepared and mailed what police say was the multi-page letter to the White House. According to the Associated Press, the property calmly talked to the man before calling authorities.

The Janesville man is accused of stealing firearms and sending a threatening manifesto to President Trump. "No one was hurt, no officers were harmed, and Mr. Jakubowski was taken into custody without any injuries", he said.

He reportedly broke into a gun store on April 4 and stole the firearms and two suppressors.

When Jakubowski was caught, he was transported to Rock County Jail and faces at least 3 felony state charges.

He says 26 law enforcement agencies, including 250 officers, worked together to find Jakubowski, who was arrested in a farm field early Friday.

Jakubowski was discovered on farmland in Vernon County late Thursday, about 160 miles (260 kilometers) west of Milwaukee.

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He said he stole the guns because the system has "stolen my natural right to protect and defend life", WTMJ reported.

Officials had been concerned about the potential for a mass shooting during the time Jakubowski has been on the run.

Jakubowski was to be charged Friday afternoon.

Jakubowski, 32, was arrested near the village of Viola in Richland County shortly before 6am on Friday, the Vernon County Sheriff's Office told local media. Jakubowski allegedly distributed as many 25 copies of the manifesto, mostly to people that he knew, officials said.

A fugitive accused of stealing more than a dozen guns and mailing a manifesto to the U.S. president has been arrested after 10 days on the run.

Tolomeo said a letter purporting to be from Jakubowski threatening churches in the Sussex area on Easter Sunday, April 16, was likely a hoax. "He brought the country together, he brought our community together, and instead of creating a revolution, what he did is he helped improve the trust and, I would say, the overall attitude toward law enforcement in a very positive light".