GTA Online's Tiny Racers is Like Micro Machines, Coming Next Week


It's a look that Rockstar is reaching back to for Tiny Racers, a new stunt racing mode coming to GTA Online next week.

For more on Tiny Racers, check out the announcement trailer above.

The retro styled Adversary Mode that was teased for GTA Online is finally arriving and it looks a tad different than we had assumed. Rockstar Games hasn't divulged a full list of the power-ups just yet, but they're sure to be a who's who of great tools that will help you win the race.

In other news, today is the 20th of April "420", which has arisen in some circles to be associated with marijuana and is considered to be "weed day".

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"In honour of 420, save (and score) some extra green via The Open Road with 50% off Weed Farm Businesses and Business Upgrades".

And out of game, of course, if you are into that sort of thing.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's great to see that Rockstar Games is still supporting Grand Theft Auto 5 almost four years after its release date. And burn out with Green Tire Smoke from LS Customs, also 50% off today.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been getting some impressive add-ons over the past few weeks, but nothing can prepare you for what could be its biggest addition in months - Tiny Racers.