Google Home's assistant can recognize voices


This is a feature Google Home devotees have been requesting since day one, and Google has finally acquiesced.

The move will allow Google to build out a model in which advertisers can attribute voice searches on Home to specific users, allowing platforms like Google AdWords to target ads and Google Analytics to track back and tie together each specific consumer to the device. Just know that if you teach Assistant the same voice for three different accounts, in our testing, Google Home will respond using the first account that was added with that voice. Well, this problem ends today.

When users set up speaker recognition, their Home devices will ask that they say "OK Google" and "Hey Google" two times each. Both phrases are recited twice to the Google Home Speaker which then analyzes the voice patterns using a neural network. From that point on, the Google Home device will access neural network to compare sound of your voice to its previous analysis so it can understand who is speaking - and it only takes a matter of milliseconds.

"The feature will start rolling out for Google Home users in the U.S. and will be expand to Britain in the coming months", said Yury Pinsky, Product Manager, Google Assistant, in a blog post. The feature doesn't work on smartphones that incorporate the Google Assistant either, though phones of course are more personal anyway.

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As of Thursday the square, cylindrical device will now recognize partners, roommates, kids and guests who come to visit. now supports multiple accounts.

To set it up, you'll need the newest version of the official Google Home app. Google even mentions that the feature makes sure that "only you would be able to shop via Google Home". Tap that to get started.

The move will help differentiate Google Home from Amazon's Echo, which can't do the same thing yet. For Home owners in the United Kingdom, the update will roll out "in the coming months".