Eli Manning insists he did nothing wrong in memorabilia suit


New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning on Thursday denied claims that he provided memorabilia dealers with fake game-used helmets.

"I have done nothing wrong", Manning said.

"It'll all work out, and when it all does, I'll be cleared of this and everybody will see I've done nothing wrong". I have no reason to do anything of that nature.

Steiner later told ESPN he was out of the country when the story broke and had not yet had a chance to speak to Manning.

Manning seems particularly upset how quickly many have seemingly turned on him, despite his history in NY and his many years without incidents since entering the NFL. Attacking his integrity is something else, and his voice reflected that he was upset. "That's what I have done".

The suit was filed by three memorabilia collectors against the Giants, Manning, Skiba, Steiner Sports and the team's co-owner and chief executive, John Mara. He also asked that the National Football League team be held accountable for the lies that led to his indictment on federal changes that ruined his business.

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His lawsuit against Manning and the Giants returned to the headlines recently when the plaintiff filed a motion to compel testimony.

The allegations remained mostly dormant until last week when Kaja Whitehouse and Bruce Golding of the New York Post unearthed a potential "smoking-gun email" within the court documents.

Manning said he is "definitely" angry at the way he has been portrayed.

Manning said he has heard "nothing from the NFL" regarding the matter. He said has never personally sold or made any money off a jersey or helmet sale.

"A lot of times, we're not in the locker room, and there are a lot of leagues and teams that don't have authentication programs that really secure product", he said.

"Well, it's just autographs", he said. "It is just part of the business".