You Can Now Pre-Order the Samsung DeX Station Dock for $149.99


I've never been especially enamoured with Samsung's Galaxy range, but the sleek and sexy S7 Edge, and now its inevitable evolution as the S8 may just sway me. Now the Samsung Galaxy S8 is powerful and can outperform some basic laptops and desktops today. But S8 Mini will be a mid-range smartphone. The Network for Samsung Galaxy S7 is LTE Cat.9 and for Samsung Galaxy S8 is LTE Cat.16. As per as its specifications are concerned, the phone will have the same specifications as its predecessor has. How is Samsung making sure that the Galaxy S8 won't suffer the same fate? However, remaining specifications will remain same. The phone's 10nm chips will bring over impressive performance gains, but they won't be able to beat the iPhone where it matters most. As per as its price is concerned, the phone will cost $399. What's limiting the DeX Dock is software support, which Samsung has always had a hard time getting.

According to an unnamed industry source was speaking to The Korea Herald, the S8's facial tracking tech is not secure enough to be used to protect your phone. In order to make this APK work, you will first need to install the latest version of TouchWiz Launcher pulled from the S8, then go to TouchWiz Launcher's settings to enable Bixby. In other words you will get the same camera as Galaxy S7, which is great, but Samsung could at least considered the dual lens option. Moreover, both are high-end smartphones with extra ordinary specifications. You can use your iris data to quickly unlock your screen, verify your Samsung account, and sign into webpages and more.

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Just look through the various forum threads over on Android Central and you'll bound to come across many that are now pitting Samsung's latest against the LG G6.