Wasn't it Trump who begrudged Obama his golf trips?


Marco Rubio skipped out on earlier this year is back with a vengeance, furious with President Donald Trump for slashing the federal budget all while taking pricey trips to golf in his hometown of Palm Beach. (He was a Democrat for years before running for president.) In many ways, he defines himself and his views only in opposition to others. "I do wish he would spend more time in Washington", she told a town hall crowd. But Obama now looks like a relative cheapskate, while it is Trump who seems unable to break the habit.

The Donald pledged that he would never follow President Obama's bad example.

And now Trump has pulled the plug on public access to the White House visitor logs, so we can not see who gets in and which offices and officials they hobnob with. "I would not be a president that takes time off". "I'm going to be working for you", candidate Trump said. I don't think I'd ever see Doral again.

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The group will hold a march the morning of May 13 in Doral Central Park in western Miami Dade County. "I don't think I'd ever see numerous places that I have".

In a photo from this meeting released to the public, for instance, Trump is shown in the Mar-a-Lago "situation room," which appears to be a guest room at the resort with a "Quiet Area" sign taped on the door.

The Independent reported on April 6 that "Donald Trump's trips to his luxury Florida resort have already cost the USA taxpayer at least $24 million - roughly as much as Barack Obama spent on travel in the first two years of his presidency". Democrats continuously relitigate the sideshow issue of Trump's tax returns (newsflash: This was settled by the Electoral College). But the most widely cited estimate of what one presidential trip to Mar-a-Lago costs - based on the known price of one Florida trip Obama took - is $3.6 million. Abe and Trump were spotted playing golf together during their outing. The New York Times has a list of 325 people, places and things Trump has insulted on Twitter since he declared his candidacy. Six percent of that was spent at Trump properties, including nearly $300,000 in rent to Trump Tower, where the campaign is headquartered, nearly $60,000 for lodging at Trump's West Palm Beach golf course, and almost $14,000 in rental and catering fees at his Las Vegas hotel. But he might decide instead to weekend at Trump Tower in NY or at one of his other residences - excursions that would also bear significant costs. He owns The Second Reading Book Shop in Alton.