Twitter Roasts Warriors for Using Slogan Similar to Cavaliers' 'Defend the Land'


Granted, "Defend our Ground" is a big improvement over their lame slogan from the previous two seasons, "Strength in Numbers", but it sounds an awfully lot like "Defend the Land", a slogan the Cavaliers have used all season. It would be a major upset for them to lose in one of the first few rounds of the playoffs, and they are the odds-on favorites to win the 2017 NBA Finals.

With so much talent on one team and the odds so heavily in their favor, it begs the question-can anyone beat the Warriors in the 2017 playoffs?

When asked about his next move, Durant said he's focused on winning the championship for the Warriors.

In the conference finals, Cleveland was pushed to the limit against Washington as the Cavaliers defeated the Wizards in seven games. The Warriors struggled in last year's postseason when Curry had trouble shooting, and the same could happen in a matchup against the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. The series on paper should not have been as tough as it was, but some of the awful regular season Cleveland play reared its head in the Eastern Conference finals.

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Cleveland was not kind to Golden State's marketing department on Twitter. In the Western Conference, the Warriors dismantled the Rockets in five games as all the games in that series averaged between 120-130 points.

You would probably expect Cleveland to do the same thing later on in the playoffs if they meet Golden State in the NBA Finals for the third consecutive season.

"In the end, it would come down to Game 7 for a second straight year". However, in that scenario, Golden State would face a severe challenge to re-sign the rest of the free agents. Let us know your NBA Playoff predictions in our comment section.