Trump signs order on high-skilled worker visas


United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order introducing changes to the H-1B temporary visa scheme used by companies to hire foreigners for high-skilled jobs.

Mr Trump signed the "Buy American and Hire American" executive order on Tuesday during a trip to the Snap-on-Tools headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The government admits 85,000 immigrants under the visa program each year. However, others say updating the definition of "skilled" labor under H-1B will ensure visas attract high-skilled entrepreneurs and engineers, Forbes reports.

During the presidential campaign, Trump confirmed to ABC that many Trump-branded products were manufactured overseas in China, Mexico, Turkey and Slovenia. However, instead of taking direct actions for major changes and reforms, the document mainly launched a series of reviews and assessments focused on the controversial H-1B visa program and its lottery system.

The executive order also tightens rules that allow companies to hire skilled foreign labor, which the White House argues undercuts American workers.

"As the process goes forward we believe that a more thoughtful and a more logical approach is desirable, keeping in view the impact on American businesses", Chandrashekhar said. Senior administration officials say that the order will also strengthen rules that bar foreign contractors from bidding on federal government projects.

Trump's visit to Wisconsin takes him to the congressional district of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who didn't join the president because he's on a congressional trip visiting North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries.

Some of Trump's products are made in the US, but overall, his goods are made in 12 countries, including China, Mexico, India and Germany.

They included a promise to pursue more investigations of fraud and abuses and a warning to employers applying for the visas not to discriminate against USA workers. Trump-branded products, including ties, suits, dress shirts, furniture, bedding, vodka, home goods and accessories for his luxury hotels, have all been manufactured outside the United States. Turning away highly skilled workers would reverse such appeal. At one debate, he called for fully ending the program, saying: "It's very bad for our workers and it's unfair for our workers. And we should end it". Department of Homeland Security officials said they will require that programmers applying for these visas provide evidence the work they're doing is highly specialized and complex.

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The H-1B program is open to a broad range of occupations, including architects, professors and even fashion models.

The tech industry is particularly sensitive to the visa program.

It targets the H-1B visa program.


"They should never be used to replace Americans", the president said of the visas.

The president himself has relied on guest workers with a different kind of visa - H-2B - to help staff his Mar-a-Lago resort, according to the Palm Beach Post. "I support the concept of everything from the U.S".

With attempts to overhaul healthcare and tax law so far failing to bear fruit in a Congress controlled by his fellow Republicans, Mr Trump has leaned heavily on executive orders to seek changes to the U.S. economy. But he added, "It's not as aggressive as it needs to be".

Trump has traveled to promote his agenda less than his recent predecessors. "This will stop", Trump told an enthusiastic audience in Wisconsin before signing the executive order. Trump now has only a 41 percent approval rating in the state.

While visiting a tool manufacturer in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin, Trump said: "We don't have a level field for [American] workers".