Trump seems confused about who is in charge of North Korea


Vice President Mike Pence at news conference on April 17, 2017, with South Korean Prime Minister and acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn, reaffirming America's strong ties with its allies.

"The United States will strengthen its presence in the Asia Pacific", he said.

That's where you can compel the Chinese through kind of give and take on some of these economic issues to say it is in your interest to hold, to rein in, North Korea.

South Korea's conservative candidate for its May presidential election, Hong Joon-pyo, told The Wall Street Journal of the carrier mix-up: "What Mr. Trump said was very important for the national security of South Korea".

Pence, his wife Karen and two daughters walked inside the main hall of colorful Senso-ji temple Tuesday as incense burned.

USA experts believe that only China has sufficient economic and political leverage to restrain Pyongyang's drive to develop a long-range missile capable of hitting the U.S. mainland with a nuclear warhead.

One called for "dual-track" talks on denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula - the top priority of the United States - and replacing the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean War with a formal peace treaty, a key demand of Pyongyang.

He added: "But at the same time dialogue for the sake of dialogue is valueless and it is necessary for us to exercise pressure North Korea so that it comes forward and engages in this serious dialogue". If they were, North Korea wouldn't have been able to conduct over the years five nuclear tests and a series of ballistic missile tests.

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"Any message for North Korea, sir, Kim Jong-Un?"

The White House foreign policy adviser traveling with Pence told reporters that the type of missile that North Korea tried to fire on Sunday was medium-range, and that it exploded about 4 to 5 seconds after it was launched.

"The loss of USA participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a blow to Japan following strenuous negotiations, especially over opening its long-protected farm sector to more imports, especially of dairy and meat products". Lu said Beijing wants to resume the multi-party negotiations that ended in stalemate in 2009 and suggested that USA plans to deploy a missile defense system in South Korea were damaging its relations with China.

Yet China still values the stability of the Korean Peninsula, upholding its stance against unilateral sanctions.

"We appreciate the challenging times in which the people of Japan live with increasing provocations from across the Sea of Japan", he said. "You read Clinton's book, he said, 'Oh, we made such a great peace deal, ' and it was a joke". "Now what am I going to do, start a trade war with China, in the middle of him working on a bigger problem, frankly, with North Korea?"

Trump has brought two ideas to the North Korean stalemate: threaten military force, and leverage the US's trade relationship with China to force its hand against the Kim regime.

On April 17 North Korea's Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol told the BBC in Pyongyang, that despite global condemnation and growing military tensions with the U.S., North Korea will "be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis". They agree it's their first choice.

"But the era of strategic patience is over", he said.