The CIA is on a manhunt for a traitor in its ranks


The nation's top intelligence agencies are trying to find the person who gave the information to WikiLeaks that exposed how the agency taps into smartphones, smart TVs and computer systems, CBS News reports.

The FBI and Central Intelligence Agency are investigating hundreds of possible suspects in one of the biggest security breaches in Central Intelligence Agency history, CBS News reports.

Pegues continued that "much of the material was classified, and stored in a highly-secured section of the intelligence agency... sources say hundreds of people would have had access to the material, and investigators are going through those names".

The investigation is now focusing on the names of hundreds of individuals who may have had access to the materials.

Numerous documents were held in a highly-secure part of the CIA, meaning that the leaker would most likely have to be someone in the agency.

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Pompeo pointed a finger at Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and said they leaked American government documents for selfish reasons.

WikiLeaks published a trove of secret documents in March detailing programs that US intelligence agencies had developed to hack into smartphones, television sets, and computers to use their resources to monitor users. That suspicion seems to align with what WikiLeaks said in their press release announcing the Vault 7 release on March 7.

WikiLeaks said in a statement that it had obtained the material from a former contractor.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo accused WikiLeaks of working directly with Russian intelligence to release emails stolen from the Democratic Party and H...

President Trump, however, had a different take while the website was spilling secrets about Hillary Clinton's campaign before the 2016 presidential election.