Reports of infighting in Trump's White House overblown, officials say


Top White House aides Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner met and agreed to "bury the hatchet" over their differences, a senior U.S. administration official said on Saturday [Sunday NZT], in a bid to stop infighting that has distracted from President Donald Trump's message.

This will likely also come up when Kushner faces questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is planning on talking to him about his Russian meetings as part of their probe into President Donald Trump's campaign connections with Russia.

According to former Trump advisers, Kushner is trying to steer the president towards more mainstream positions, while Bannon is bent on trying to maintain the nationalistic fervour that led to Trump's victory in the November election.

It's a good thing Bannon loves "a gunfight" - sounds like he's got one coming.

They are both Trump insiders, so what is there to fight about?

Even as Trump apparently sought to cool the infighting, he is said to have floated potential replacements for Priebus, who has reportedly been on thin ice since January, due to the administration's early missteps.

Gary Cohn, the president's economic adviser and former No. 2 at Goldman Sachs, is on the list as well, according to the site.

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Apparently, Bannon reportedly referred to Kushner as a "cuck", and Trump's son in law was reportedly the one who helped remove Bannon from the National Security Council.

The White House has tamped down on suggestions a staff shakeup is imminent.

Trump reorganized his National Security Council Wednesday, removing Bannon from the principals committee on the same day the president was considering options for a missile strike against Syria.

"I imagine he has gotten exhausted of this."The White House dismissed persistent talk that Trump might be on the verge of a staff shakeup".

At the heart of their disagreement is a fundamental ideological gap, with Kushner and Ivanka Trump seeking to bring a more "competence- and results-driven focus" to the White House, according to Allen. This followed his statement saying reports he was on the brink of quitting his administration job were "100 percent nonsense".

"The more appreciation you could have for what's actually happening on the ground, the more informed you are when you start talking about the strategic issues", Dunford said.

Already, Bannon and Kushner intervened when McMaster tried to fire Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the NSC's senior director for intelligence programs, reports The Hill.