Pence Promotes Trump's Economic Plans, Visits USS Rondald Reagan in Japan


"We seek peace always as a country, as does Japan, but as you know and the United States knows, peace comes through strength and we will stand strongly with Japan and strongly with our allies for a peace and security in this region", Pence added.

Pence told reporters Monday that Trump was hopeful China would use its "extraordinary levers" to pressure the North to abandon its weapons program.

"We will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response", the Vice President said, to applause from the hundreds of United States and Japanese troops gathered on the deck. "History will attest the soldier does not bear the sword in vain", he said. "Also, the Trump administration could open a gap with its key allies as well as China, who all anticipate an eventual return to something akin to the previous multilateral negotiations with Pyongyang".

That has driven North Korea to issue its own threats and begin preparations for "even a 1 percent chance that the USA will launch pre-emptive strikes", Lim said.

The audience can be seen applauding as a band plays against the backdrop of a big screen showing tanks and missiles being fired.

It was a day after a huge military parade in Pyongyang, which also marked the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung.

Pence reiterated the commitment to defend USA allies in the region from North Korea - which he called "the most risky and urgent threat to the peace and security of the Asia Pacific" during remarks to US and Japanese troops aboard the USS Ronald Reagan at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan.

US strikes earlier this month against Syria, coupled with Trump's dispatching of what he called an "armada" of USA warships to the Korean region, touched off fears that the United States was preparing for military action, though it was revealed this week that the flotilla was taking a roundabout path to Korean waters and has yet to arrive.

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As a candidate, President Donald Trump said he would be willing to speak with Kim.

"I think the path of negotiations with North Korea has been a colossal failure now for more than 25 years", Pence told the Washington Post.

The Bush administration tried to get them to the negotiating table during the Six Party talks, and the punishing sanctions levied under the Obama administration haven't deterred Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions.

North and South Korea have been separated since 1945 and a state of war technically still exists between the two nations, even though a 1953 armistice agreement ended the Korean War. Both Japan and South Korea are home to tens of thousands of US troops. North Korea is moving steadily toward that goal, and some experts believe it could achieve it during Trump's presidency.

The unannounced visit at the start of Pence's 10-day trip to Asia was a US show of force that allowed him to gaze at North Korean soldiers from afar and stare directly across a border marked by razor wire.

Recent developments, however, have may have confused that message.

The U.S. administration has come under criticism following revelations that the strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson was actually heading in the opposite direction despite an earlier announcement that it would be heading to waters off the Korean Peninsula. A senior official at the White House blamed the error on miscommunication.