Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down in Tears During a Touching Don Rickles Tribute


"Jimmy Kimmel Live" filmed after news of the comedian's death broke earlier in the day and the host devoted the first 12 minutes of his show to Rickles' memory.

"I'm going to cry - I'm crying already", a visibly distraught Kimmel said. "I'm not good at this sort of thing". Don Rickles, we did not want to ever lose you.

Rickles' last appeared on stage in Las Vegas in late October. Kimmel tried to book Rickles on his show but it took four years to pull it off.

"It was exciting", Kimmel said. After all, Don appeared on the show well over a dozen times, and it started with Kimmel bugging him constantly to appear on the show until he convinced him to come on. He only released one other album, 1969's Don Rickles Speaks! "He would always ask about my parents, my kids".

"Don Rickles was a giant, a legend... and I can hear his voice now, skewering me for being so lofty. And he helped all of us through it", Kimmel remembered.

- Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt)Very few people made me laugh the way Don Rickles did.

Even though Colbert didn't know him personally, he said it was an "incredible honor" to have met Rickles backstage at the 2008 Emmy Awards when they were competing for the same award.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert paid tribute to the late comic.

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Rickles is perhaps best known for his insult comedy, which was on full display in his dozens of appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson throughout the years and his appearances on Dean Martin's Celebrity Roasts in the 1970s.

"He was a amusing guy; I know that's not a news flash". After Meyers told him that Saturday Night Live wasn't canceled, Rickles expressed his disappointment and replied, "Ugh, a guy can dream".

"Just endless mischief and nonsense, and a guy who would make the audience go completely insane", Letterman said. "But there's nothing better than comedian funerals, because everyone tells the best jokes".

"Don Rickles was one the absolute greats".

Tom Hanks, meanwhile, said the comedian's death hit the entertainment world hard. Our thoughts are with his family.

Kimmel reminisced about a dinner party he enjoyed with Rickles once at Mario Batali's Los Angeles restaurant Mozza.

I was thrilled to interview/be insulted non-stop by the legendary Don Rickles.