Instagram for Android adding offline support soon


The popular image sharing platform now has offline support on Android, but it's understandably very limited.

Offline users will also be able to leave comments, save content, Like posts, and even unfollow people.

Any profiles that you've previously visited can still be viewed, along with any posts you've loaded in the Explore tab. Internet connectivity issues still exist widely out the USA, and even though Facebook is determined to provide wireless internet access using one of its many solutions to remote areas, those plans are still some way off from fruition.

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The offline mode works about as you'd expect - users fire up the app while connected to the Internet, at which point the photo feed populates with the latest content.

There's no word on if and when the offline functionality will work with Stories, as for now they do still need an internet connection to load, nor has an iOS version been confirmed. Speaking to TechCrunch, Instagram says it is "exploring" the possibility. Once your phone has internet again, your actions will be uploaded to Instagram's servers. However, all of this will be queued and will go through as soon as they connect to the internet. The offline mode is available for Android only for now. The company launched a lighter version of Facebook, called Facebook Lite in 2015, which uses less data for letting users access the social network. The Google Search app on Android queues up searches when you don't have a connection, and automatically alerts you with results when a connection comes back online. Instagram said that it's going to improve its advertising services to help businesses in converting sales. You can do that by using the comment box below.