Florida state senator apologizes for racial slur


A Florida state senator is expected to apologize publicly for using racial slurs and obscene insults in a private after-hours conversation with African-American colleagues.

The Republican senator used the n-word during the conversation as well as called a Democratic colleague a "f****** as****e", "a bitch" and a "girl". Perry Thurston, who was part of the conversation Monday night that led to Artiles' apology. "I'm very respectful to everyone", Gibson told the Herald.

The Florida Democratic Party, along with his constituents, is calling on Artiles to resign after the incident came to light.

At the time, Artiles reportedly defended his statement by saying he did not say "n****rs", but rather the similar-sounding slang term.

The Miami Herald reports that Republican State Sen.

From his unconscionable - and repeated - use of a racial and sexist slurs directed at an African-American colleague to his ridiculously choreographed first apology that he had to be prodded into making, Rep. They say Artiles told them that Republican Senate President Joe Negron was only in the role because "six n--ers" in the GOP caucus had elected him, the Miami Herald reports.

Artiles replied: "No." He added: "I said 'ni**as.'" He went on to say it was not a problem as he hails from Hialeah, a largely Hispanic city located in Miami-Dade County.

Fort Myers Republican Lizbeth Benaquisto, the Rules chair, agreed there was "probable cause" Artiles violated Senate rules that say a senator must "maintain the integrity and responsibility of his or her office". "She was very surprised when I asked about what happened", Mitchell said. I am so sorry for the words and tone I used for you regretfully Monday night.

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It's not clear who Artiles was referring to with his slurs.

"I understand that President Negron is allowing Senator Artiles to formally apologize on the Senate floor tomorrow", Senator Bill Galvano said.

Artiles did not use the N-word during his apology Wednesday.

"I grew up in a diverse community".

"My comments to you were the most regretful of all, because they injured you personally", Artiles continued. "We share each other's customs, cultures and vernacular", Artiles said.

In the wake of the incident, Senate President Joe Negron removed him from a committee chairmanship.

"His racist rant is deeply offensive to people of color, and his arrogant disdain for the leadership of this body, of the Senate, his actions demand no less than his removal", Thurston told the legislative black caucus. But the Florida Democratic Party is still calling on Artiles to resign.