Facebook's AR camera platform to empower developers


With Facebook Spaces, the social network giant is extending the limits of Virtual Reality.

Spaces is now in beta stage and allows Facebook users to hang out with their friends in VR environment.

"Think about how numerous things you use [that] don't actually need to be physical".

As he appeared at Facebook's annual F8 Developer Conference in California, he announced the "second act" in Facebook's camera development - a platform that will allow developers to create AR apps in a bid to take on Snapchat.

Discussing the use of AR in a general sense, Zuckerberg described the power of overlaying digital content onto the real world via glasses or contact lenses and said that doing so would "make our physical reality better". They're highly likely to become a bit hit with users.

During the VR interactions, users can draw with virtual markers, watch 360-degree videos, and call other friends through Messenger.

Facebook is planning to tap into augmented reality technology popularised by the hit smartphone game Pokemon Go.

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At F8 yesterday, Facebook also launched a new virtual reality app, Facebook Spaces, which is created to let users hang out in virtual environments "as if you were in the same room". "This will give people a chance to experience augmented reality in a way that isn't so scary or off-putting".

That, of course, has a lot of incredible possibilities and gives people yet another incentive to have the FB app (or a separate app) open pretty much all the time to find all the AR Easter eggs friends and foes have left behind.

Imagine walking down the street as a tourist in a foreign city and using your iPhone camera to find out what historically important building or piece of art you're looking at and why it's meaningful.

The new Chat Extensions for Messenger which will also help businesses improve their operations. That would, for instance, allow groups of friends to share Spotify playlists or to make a restaurant reservation through OpenTable that keeps everyone on the same page.

The idea is to simplify what might otherwise require a flurry of texts and sharing of links.

Mr Zuckerberg also briefly addressed the Cleveland murder case, in which a man posted video of a fatal shooting on Facebook. But, Zuckerberg has said they're working on a proactive approach with artificial intelligence.