Facebook wants to augment your reality


Even though the Facebook CEO has not hinted anything about developing AR games, he did say that the popular networking platform is a great hub for businesses to reach people and experiment with AR. With technology advancing at such fast pace augmented reality is not a big deal for Facebook.

Facebook F8 conference 2011. The word "basic camera" is a direct jab at Snapchat.

"That you can access from the existing Facebook app's camera, theoretically opening the door for Facebook to host the next "Pokémon Go" phenomenon", he said.

The Day 1 of the conference saw 4,000 people attend the event where Mark Zuckerberg with other key employees from Facebook concentrated a lot to implement Augmented Reality into smartphone cameras, some new features in Messenger and a lot more.

The Facebook founder also briefly addressed a tragedy that took place Monday, when a man posted video of a murder on Facebook. In his speech, CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that he wants the camera in your phone or other smart device to deliver the first mainstream AR platform, putting to rest his initial plan to use glasses.

Spiegels remarks caused an uproar in India where users are quickly uninstalling the Snapchat app.

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"I guess I'm not that anxious about that".

Facebook announced a new "Discover" tab that allows people to find the bot for Messenger they're looking for in an intuitive and thoughtful way, right from the home screen in Messenger.

In 2014, Facebook acquired its Oculus virtual reality goggles unit for US$2 billion, although that division is a long way from making a mass-market product or contributing significantly to the company's earnings.

"Building an open platform I think is going to be one of the big advances that pushes this forward. all developers can work on [the open platform] so that way you don't just have 10 or 20 effects but you have thousands". It has also released the Frame Studio that will let the developers create frames for photos and videos. Facebook's new virtual reality app will make it feel like you're in the same room as friends, or on the same beach, garden or park - the new VR app can transport your avatar anywhere.

But, this isn't it. Zuckerberg also hinted at some Spectacle-like hardware in near future.