Facebook unveils new AR, VR platforms and products


The experience takes in a world of cartoons and avatars, where you can design and customize to look identical to you.

But most importantly, the idea here is to spend time with your friends. That's the beauty of virtual reality (VR). And since this is just the beta version which is already looking promising, we are eager to see what improvements and new features Facebook will bring in the future. With Spaces, you can hang out with your friends, teleport anywhere and do anything. So, in case you don't have a VR and your friend has one, you can call your friend in Messenger. "It captures head movements, even hand gesticulation".

"The biggest challenge was how the avatars were going to look". "Try it with someone you know", he suggests. "It was challenging to find the right balance", Booth says, mentioning the uncanny valley, or the point at a which a computer-generated human being creates a feeling of revulsion, instead of empathy.

At your disposal are a set of tools in a panel in front of you, such as pencils that let you doodle in the air or masks you can put on yourself or your companions. "Facebook is about authentic identity, which is fundamentally about humans".

It's the realization of a vision Zuckerberg teased just a year ago, giving friends and family located many miles apart the ability to jointly experience virtual places (apartments, landscapes, etc.) while using the Rift's built-in microphone to communicate via audio. "It's not a chatroom where you're just talking".

But there's a far greater potential problem for Rift users beyond their ambivalence toward Facebook - the survival of VR itself. In his speech, CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that he wants the camera in your phone or other smart device to deliver the first mainstream AR platform, putting to rest his initial plan to use glasses.

But that's just the beginning of the new features that are coming to the Messenger.

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The Spaces VR app is now being made available only on the Oculus Rift in the Early Access section but is expected to make its way to other platforms in due time.

Facebook Spaces has been launched today in beta for Oculus Rift.

Now, you'll be able to view some messages sent by the Facebook team in regards to the new effects.

One of the key benefits of Facebook integration is the way it enables avatar creation in Spaces.

You're sitting in your aging, prewar apartment. At the ongoing F8 (2017) conference, Facebook announced its ambitious product called Facebook Spaces, which essentially brings 3D virtual spaces into the real world.

The new Facebook chat extensions will allow you to use the Messenger bots in the group chats so you can check news, collaborate on creating a Spotify playlist or get a flight booked through Kayak. Your friend can attend the call in Facebook Spaces. On March 28, 2016, the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, was released, with the HTC Vive released shortly after on April 5.