Facebook unveil ambitious plan to bring augmented reality into your daily life


And now you can use this new technology too.

If you haven't noticed the little camera on the top left hand side of your Facebook app maybe it's time you checked out it. Facebook "Stories" are a thing now, and this little camera is where you create them.

The goal is a fully immersive messaging ecosystem that allows effects to be added to photos or videos and control the view based on where the camera is aimed.

In 2014, Facebook acquired its Oculus virtual reality goggles unit for US$2 billion, although that division is a long way from making a mass-market product or contributing significantly to the company's earnings.

AR Studio, now open for beta applications, can be used to create masks, scripted effects, animated frames and other AR technologies that react to movement, the environment or interactions during Live videos.

Augmented Reality Studio: Facebook is opening up its Augmented Reality platform for developers so that they can make maximum use of Facebook's computing power.

For Facebook users with a VR headset, the social network introduced Facebook Spaces, a new virtual reality meeting space for Facebook contacts.

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Create a digital avatar to hang out with friends in a virtual hangout.

Each "Developer Circle" is led by members of the local community who act as leads for the circle, organising events offline and managing a local online Facebook community. The company has released the closed beta of its AR Studio platform, which will be "open" in later stages.

The data includes place names, addresses, photos, Facebook consumer ratings and more. Now, after replicating Snapchat's popular AR filters, Facebook is aiming to go one step further and use its army of developers to make this war more vicious.

"We've also enabled discovery in the physical world with new parametric Messenger codes".

Ever since Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel turned down Zuckerberg's attempt to buy his company, Facebook is on a copying spree.

The new Chat Extensions for Messenger which will also help businesses improve their operations. Users will be able to directly add in a chat bot to their Messenger group thread and share the conversation.