Delta Cancelled 3000 Flights This Week...and People Are Pissed


After she raced to the airport to catch her new flight, that one was canceled, too.

Norfolk International Airport has two canceled flights.

Delta teams are working around the clock to get customers safely to their destinations while bringing our operation back to normal following Wednesday's record series of severe thunderstorms that resulted in a almost all-day ground stop in Atlanta - Delta's largest and busiest hub.

On Sunday, about 130 flights were canceled, with a statement from Delta Sunday citing the "availability of flight crews to operate within federally mandated crew rest and duty day guidelines".

- Delta Airlines was still trying to return flight schedules back to normal Saturday following a week of severe storms in the southeast. Some 60% of its 1,250 daily flights cycle through there.

Delta Chief Operating Officer Gil West apologized to frustrated customers Thursday, saying the midweek storms had been "unprecedented" and tough to forecast. "The resulting recovery has not been ideal", he added.

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Last year, during a power outage that led to some 2,000 flight cancellations, the airline gave passengers doughnuts, pizza and free liquor, WSB reported.

Most leading US airlines have tried to limit empty seats by reducing the growth of flights.

The cancelations have forced hundreds of passengers to stand in line for hours to rebook flights while an equal number waited in hours-long lines to retrieve checked baggage.

Delta travelers whose flights are canceled can get a refund.

Delta Air Lines offered to waive the change fee for those whose rescheduled travel occurs beyond April 7, with difference in face under consideration, WeARTV reports.