Samsung reveals Galaxy S8, S8 Plus


Microsoft has been working more closely with Samsung lately, which has become increasingly evident from the launch of the new Galaxy S8 smartphone line this week. Samsung initially blamed faulty batteries, but some experts claimed faulty design was to blame for the problems. Fast forward to today, and we're sure many are wondering if Samsung has somehow found a way to fix that with the Galaxy S8. A Samsung spokesperson told Mashable that members of the media ran similar experiments before the unveiling but were unable to unlock their devices. Although there is just 0.1-inch display between the two mobile devices, but Samsung Galaxy S8 has overtaken LG G6 with its impressive screen and features. A user has posted pictures of an early prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ on the Facebook group LEAKs Vi?t Nam which clearly show a dual camera setup at the back along with a dual LED flash and Samsung's trademark heart rate sensor.

As fantastic as the Galaxy S8 series sound, it appears that some folks aren't buying it - literally.

Meanwhile, others who had to settle for the Galaxy S7 Edge following the whole Note 7 debacle disclosed that they will not be giving up their current device for the Galaxy S8 as they are pretty much satisfied with the Galaxy S7 Edge's capabilities. On paper, very impressive.

"We must not only win back customers' trust, but also the high expectations that they have always held for Samsung", said Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile business.

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Citrix XenMobile also supports new Samsung capability known as Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA).

The S8's design features and new and improved cameras should be enough to entice consumers to go see it in a store and then potentially make a purchase, Blanchard said. From there, the custom software and extra apps will be downloaded and installed. Samsung had pushed the engineering envelope with the Note 7 battery, which contributed to spontaneous combustions.

Samsung has declared that it would offer refurbished Galaxy Note 7, after the complete recovery of the units.