Samsung Galaxy S8 Won't Launch With Bixby Voice


Instead the rest of Bixby's features will be part of the launch, save for the actual voice option which we have to admit is probably the portion that everyone is most curious about.

Bixby Voice is perhaps the headline feature of Samsung's new assistant, and will let you use your voice to perform everyday tasks such as sending emails, editing photos and placing calls. Samsung Galaxy S8 features were unveiled at the event held late March, giving fans an introduction to the key upgrades on the new device.

"During internal tests in recent weeks, the performance of Bixby's voice recognition in English has lagged behind that of the virtual assistant's performance in Korean, these people said, and company executives are still discussing when to make Bixby available in English".

Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant that will debut on the Galaxy S8 smartphone, won't be fully available at launch, outside of phones sold in South Korea.

Now, however, we will have to wait for the firmware update to come in order to be able to use Bixby's many voice-interactive talents.

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The company did not give an explanation for the delay. You can even pair Google's Assistant with the Bixby button. This news would certainly disappoint the buyers who have been waiting to try out the Bixby assistant on the Galaxy S8.

"In the future you will be able to control your air conditioner or TV through Bixby", Samsung in a press release.

Those who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S8 ready for its global launch on April 21st will be able to take advantage of Bixby's augmented reality camera feature - dubbed Bixby Vision.

Samsung told that the feature will be pushed-out to UK Galaxy S8 owners later this year.