Lucid Air hits 217 miles per hour during testing


Lucid Motors says it will have the highest speed electric vehicle available after posting a video of a test version of its 1,000 horsepower Lucid Air sedan hitting 217 miles per hour on a test track.

The Lucid Air electric auto, going by the company's promises, is a brilliant piece of engineering. They'll use the collected data to finesse thermal and aero computer simulations and to make further performance improvements that will be tested later this year at even higher speeds.

Ridiculously high speeds and insane acceleration have become the hallmark of the modern electric auto, as they attempt to play up their performance abilities alongside eco-credentials.

At Lucid's stand at the New York Auto Show, Chief Technology Officer Peter Rawlinson said that during its laps in OH, which tested the car's high-speed stability, the driver was hitting 200 miles per hour on the banked turns of the oval test track.

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The electric vehicle startup has several alpha prototypes now in its test program, but they built one with a roll-cage and designated it especially for "evaluating at-the-limit performance". "In at least one of these markets, there is an expectation of high-speed cruising that we intend to satisfy".

Rawlinson went on to say that even from the moment Lucid secures Series D fundraising, it'll be a good two years before production starts on the company's Lucid Air.

The most powerful version of the Air will have 1,000 horsepower and 400 miles of range. The company announced last November that it will build a factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. Once the third stage is complete, the company expects to be able to produce 130,000 cars per year.