Women don't need to change name in passport after marriage: PM Modi


He also went onto to note that women can choose whether they wanted to use the name of either their father or mother in the passport.

He added that if the house was registered in the name of the woman, she would not have to submit the marriage or divorce certificate to get a passport. However married women with passports took to Twitter to note that they have always had the option of retaining maiden names when it comes to passport.

"We have initiated this for a simple reason: Even today, the situation in our society is such that the house is registered in the name of father or son or husband".

We weren't sure why it was touted as news because it isn't really new - such a name change has never been a requirement for your Indian passport. If there is no change in name at all, kindly write: "Not applicable". He just makes aware and put it officially in front of the people.

Nandini Sardesai, former teacher and mother of famous journalist Rajdeep Sardesai said, "My daughter and daughter in law have not changed their maiden names and it's appeared on their passports also".

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Narendra Modi, yesterday, announced that there is no need for a woman, to change her name on the passport after marriage or divorce. He was talking about development schemes for women when he made this mystifying statement, and ever since, it's been doing the rounds for different reasons.

The PM said the government has so far been able to save two crore women from the harmful effects of "chulhas" (earthen stoves in which fire is lit using wood or cowdung cakes) by giving them free gas connections under the Ujjwala scheme.

He took the aspiring businesswomen as examples and said that women are two steps ahead of men.

Such kind of announcements will surely contribute a lot towards women empowerment. The Prime Minister emphasised on the need to have more hospitals for pregnant women.