Project Scorpio: The most powerful place to create and play


To support the statement, Xbox head Phil Spencer noted in a post on Xbox Wire that the team is pretty excited to unveil Project Scorpio and the awesome game experiences the console powers.

Scorpio's main USP is making your existing Xbox One and backwards compatible-enabled 360 games look better. Still, that same image shows a bunch of older Xbox and Xbox 360 dev kits, all of which look pretty similar to their consumer counterparts. This might not be the one reason for the Xbox Scorpio to possibly beat the PS4 Pro, as Microsoft has considered some cost cutting measures. The console will be 40-percent more powerful than the PS4 Pro and 4.5 times more than the Xbox One. This means players will be able to play every single Xbox One game on the Scorpio. "So we designed a console for 2016, and a console for 2017", Spencer revealed.

"We know you care most about great games, whether they be exclusive, multiplatform, independent or AAA", Microsoft Head of Xbox Phil Spencer writes in a new post to the Xbox Wire blog. He said they are eager to show off Project Scorpio at the 2017 E3 in Los Angeles and the game experiences it could power.

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"We stopped that [2016] effort and said, 'Okay, we're going to put all of our weight and execution capability of the hardware team behind delivering a higher-powered console in 2017 that's completely geared towards 4K'". This confirms all the rumors that have been floating around for quite a while, and that were pinpointing E3 as the event of choice for Microsoft. Microsoft said it has seen studios use Lego blocks to create gaps for air circulation, which is what prompted the change. The dev kit also gets a beefier, 330 W internal power supply to fulfill the device's power requirements.

It's hot stove season for video games - that time right before any major E3-related announcements happen where everyone's left to speculate what major E3-related announcements will happen. It allows game developers to develop higher quality games, then downsize them to run compatibly with the final console Project Scorpio version.