India "too poor" to consider expansion says, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel


Allegations come from a former Snapchat employee who has sued the company in the US.

The employee Anthony Pompliano, who is now engaged in a lawsuit against Snapchat after he accused the company of misleading investors by providing inflated statistics about user data, said Spiegel stormed out of the meeting after making this comment.

At a time when most worldwide tech companies are looking to get a pie of the Indian market, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel believes that his app is only for "rich people". As per some reports, Snapchat has around 4 million users in India.

Snap Inc snap , the parent company of the photo-messaging app, is fighting a lawsuit launched by Anthony Pompliano, a former Snapchat employee.

In a report by Variety, Mr Pompliano, who had been hired from Facebook, claims he discovered the company had "an institutional aversion to looking at user data".

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"What he uncovered was a wide-spread, systemic failure in Snapchat's internal controls over its user data", the suit claims.

It was during the September 11, 2015 presentation when Spiegal allegedly made the comments that have so irked Indians on Twitter.

Pompliano said he proposed ideas about adding users in worldwide markets that already heavily used other social networks, like Spain and India. The dismissal of India and Spain as potential markets was the reply Mr Spiegel had to Mr Pompliano's suggestion.

Spiegel stormed out of the meeting after making this comment. Pompliano was later fired by the startup citing "Poor performance" reasons.

Soon after #uninstallsnapchat and #boycottsnapchat started to trend as people started extolling others to stop using the app.