Spicer Claims Scandal-Plagued Trump Campaign Chair "Played a Very Limited Role"


After FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress that the bureau is actively investigating whether there are any links between Donald Trump's campaign and Russian Federation, the White House went to incredible lengths to distance the president from some of his closest allies during the campaign - including one of his three campaign managers.

During a press briefing, Spicer said some of those who are under investigation for their connections to Russian Federation, which is thought to have interfered in the 2016 election to attempt to swing it in Trump's favor, didn't have prominent roles on the Trump campaign - including one of Trump's former campaign managers.

Mr. Trump has been criticized for leveling the charge on Twitter two weeks ago that President Obama ordered the "wiretapping". "Meaning that for the entire final stretch of the general election, he was not involved".

"So many people (are) jumping to the conclusion that he was going down and playing golf".

"So to start to look at some individual who was there for a short period of time, or separately individuals who really didn't play a role in the campaign, and to suggest that those are the basis for anything is a bit ridiculous", Spicer chided reporters Monday.

When discussing former national security advisor Mike Flynn having his identity unmasked, Spicer asked, "How does somebody's name that is protected from law for being disclosed get put out in the public?"

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Earlier on Monday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to claim Democrats "made up" a story about Russian Federation interfering with the election "as an excuse for running a bad campaign". "Who was behind that kind of unmasking?"

The president said the allegations are "fake news" that were made up by political rivals as an excuse for losing the presidential election. Those leaks, the administration says, are the real problem. The Daily Beast reported that he was talking to Trump every day during the transition.

Spicer said that Trump is using golf differently than President Obama. Spicer quickly moved on when the reporter pressed Spicer for details.

Spicer's spin on the embattled Trump associates is so laughable that even Fox News' correspondent had a hard time swallowing it whole.

"I have no information that supports those tweets, and we have looked carefully inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation", he said.