RJio writes to ASCI against Airtel's India's fastest network claim


Ookla, LLC, is a commercial enterprise who give awards for money.

Jio told ASCI that Ookla - which had dubbed Airtel as "Officially The Fastest Network" - does not have any accreditation from the Indian government.

The country's largest mobile network, Bharti Airtel, and the latest entrant, Reliance Jio, are at war over the question of internet speed.

In a legal notice to Ookla, Jio said it was informed by the broadband testing company that Jio's network was the fastest mobile network in India and can be given the tag of fastest network in India which Jio can use leveraging Ookla's brand but Ookla will "charge substantial sums of money for this objective and especially for publicly using the award and test results". Recently, we published a report stating that the residents of Delhi claimed that they wouldn't be using Jio anymore after April 1 as other operators in India offer better than Jio. It said that the test methods used by Ookla was flawed and unreliable.

Days after Airtel released a new set of advertisements claiming that "it has been officially declared as the fastest network", Reliance Jio sent a legal notice to the company for what it alleges to be "misleading" and "incorrect".

"It is clear that Airtel is in violation of the Advertising Standards Council of India Code, including provisions of "Section A. Chapter-I- Truthful & Honest Representation", it added".

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Reliance Jio also accused Ookla of charging money from the telecom companies for its services."It charges money for its services used by telecom companies for their internal consumption, and charges additional consideration" for awarding certificates "that may be used by such companies for external consumption, marketing and publicity".

"The results include all mobile tests, regardless of connection technology", Airtel said in its response. Airtel, as a dominant player in the Indian telecom market for the last 22 years, can not plead ignorance to the implication of an undue advantage it will gain by use of such word. It also alleges that Airtel with 22 years of experience is deliberately and willfully misleading public.

It also stated that Ookla is not a "not-for-profit" organisation.

If you are using data on SIM 2 and if you do a speed test on their application, they will select the network present on SIM 1.

Ookla couldn't be immediately reached for comment.