RadioShack bankruptcy claims Indianapolis stores


RadioShack has filed for its second bankruptcy in two years and will close 187 more stores this month, about 9 percent of its 1,943 locations.

The RadioShack stores at 105 S.E. Missouri 291 in Lee's Summit, at 6236 N. Chatham Ave., and at 711 W. 23rd St., No. 23, in Lawrence, are also set to close, according to the website.

Eleven stores in IN, including the four in Indianapolis, are on the closure list.

Indianapolis-area stores that avoided the closure list are in Brownsburg, Mooresville, Franklin, Lebanon and Anderson. In addition, the chain says it is closing the RadioShack portion of the 360 stores that it shares with Sprint, and evaluating whether to do the same in 971 other shared stores.

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Some of the stores will be closing immediately, but all of the remaining locations on the list will be closed by the first week of April, the company said.

The company said the stores being liquidated have the "lowest sales velocity and highest rent".

To bridge that gap, the retailer partnered with Sprint two years ago and placed small phone stores inside RadioShack electronics stores. The companies teamed up during the last RadioShack bankruptcy in 2015.

RadioShack operated about 45 stores in IN before its 2015 bankruptcy, including about 25 in central Indiana.