Old whatsapp status makes a return on the app


WhatsApp's Text Status feature update is now rolling out to all Android users. While the update received a mixed response, reports regarding the latter making a comeback was flooding the internet for a couple of days now.

The company has confirmed that it will bring back its old text status message feature after facing a backlash from its users.

This wasn't the only reason for criticism; users claimed that they missed the good old text statuses of WhatsApp. They will also be able to view status updates of other users by simply scrolling through their contact details.

As mentioned earlier, all WhatsApp users on Android will only get the feature now; however iPhone users should also get it soon. The WhatsApp text Status feature is set to return on both Android and iOS. But recently it introduced a major feature called Status, which allowed users to add short video and pictures and share it with their friends, similar to how they do it on Facebook. Unfortunately, there's no way (yet) to disable this WhatsApp feature completely. Inside About and phone number you can write anything as your text and this time it will not disappear within 24 hours.

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You can now change your status in the About section in the profile settings.

If you wish to try this feature immediately, you must sign up for the beta program, and be on the latest beta version 2.17.110. The good news for users is that you have a choice, instead of having to make do with the "whimsical" new feature that a lot of apps are introducing now to imitate Snapchat Stories. It is not yet available to all as the update rollout is gradual. This will help the issues get fixed before the official app update is launched on Google Play Store. To note, the text status looks exactly like the old one.

Some people preferred to keep informative status about what they were up to or what was in their minds that probably would go for a longer duration but the new feature only allows for a status to go for a day only, that is 24 hours.