New leak reveals Samsung Galaxy S8 colors and Europe price


The phones are scheduled to launch in a few days - on March 29 in NY and expected to start selling not before the end of next month.

Samsung, along with the whole world, is getting ready for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Meanwhile, a new leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 showcased the available color options of the device when it launches in April.

The Galaxy S8+ will come at 899 Euros which is roughly Rs 63,500.

In the original Galaxy S8, on the AMOLED display, only the pixels with the timer is lit, while on the fake Galaxy S8 the whole screen is lit up, since it sports a LCD display.

Further images of devices purporting to be the Galaxy S8 also appeared on Weibo.

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In addition, a new 8MP camera will be included on the front of the S8 which will feature autofocusing, a feature that'll probably wind up pretty useful for selfie takers and social media bloggers.

Besides these, the site also mentioned the price list of some accessories which can be attributed with both of these handsets.

The era of the near bezel-less phone has started, and despite the fact that the Galaxy S8 features a large 5.8-inch display when measured diagonally, you would have a very different impression of the flagship in terms of its size. Nearly every single detail is known about the device, even though we are still ten days away from the release event.

Leaked data reveals that Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a DeX docking station and a Gear VR headset. No, this year's Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus launch will have scant surprises, as we know what the spec and hardware is, we know what the handsets look like and we know how much they'll cost.

Samsung surely wants to establish its presence on the 2017 tablet market with this addition to its collection of devices.

It seems that rumours of Harman tech making its way into the Galaxy S8's speakers are still just that at this point then, but the AKG branding on the earphones is confirmed. It also features a Samsung logo on the back side. The website said this is probably the first leak and we know it says a lot.