Lengthy but easy maths paper puts students at ease


"Since I left out certain questions I am anxious how much I will score", said Aditya.Students said they wished they had more time as packing all the answers in three hours was back-breaking.

As CBSE conducted the plus 2 Maths exam on Monday, there were mixed reactions from students regarding the paper. While integration was easiest, in probability one or two questions were ambiguous. He said that directions have been issued to all schools in this matter. This year too, the battle of hard Mathematics paper continues, as the majority of students found the paper tricky. But the paper was lengthy. "I couldn't even attempt those questions and the time was over", said a student adding that her friends whoever started with section A were unable to finish section D and have left as much as 6 marks. Although nearly all of them found the paper lengthy, not everybody agreed to the fact that it was hard.

Teachers said the paper was of medium difficulty level and most questions were from the NCERT syllabus. The 3 sets essentially contains the same questions except for one or two problems in some sections. "The difficulty level of the paper was average".

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Nitish Gupta, who teaches at Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, said, "The paper was a balanced paper". Others will also find it easy to score marks. Six marks compulsory question from application of derivatives is easy in one set since it is from the text book.

The best thing about the questions is that the students will not lose their confidence, as most of the questions are familiar to them. "However, overall the paper was fine". For four-mark questions, calculations ran into pages.