Google Maps adds a sweet new parking spot saver ars_ab.settitle(1061599)


Google is not the first one to allow users the ability to mark their vehicle location through, and Apple has akways taken the location of your auto down when you disconnect your iPhone from Bluetooth or CarPlay. If you hate this feature, you can turn it off.

What's surprising is the fact that Google Maps already has automated parking location cards that users can fetch via Now on Tap and Google Assistant that shows the last location of your auto in the form of a pin on the map. The new option appears on the beta version in the form of a blue mark that you can tap to set the parking reminder.

In addition, Google's parking location saver will let you enter in how much time you have left at the spot. Sometimes, it can even get things wrong.

If you've ever found yourself going, "Dude, where's my vehicle?" one too many times in a crowded parking lot, Google Maps' latest feature may be of use to you.

Once you've done that, you can then add parking notes (i.e. parking lot floor), set a timer to remind you how long you can park your auto for, and even add photos to remind you of the surroundings.

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Swipe the card up and add photos, notes, and a timer or change the location. So whether you're in an expansive parking lot in suburbia or a winding parking garage in the middle of a big city, you'll have the information you need to find your ride.

As it stands, the Parking Reminders feature is just in the beta version of the Android app.

Like Apple Maps, you can add notes about where you parked - something that's helpful for jotting down cross streets or which floor of a garage you're on, for example.

It's only available in beta on Android right now but should soon become available and then expand to iOS devices.