Deadpool 2 to feature some obscure characters


The Deadpool sequel may not feature Jackman's X-Men character but recently, another X-Men actor who died in Logan, Sir Patrick Stewart, dropped major hints that he might be reprising his role as Professor X in the Deadpool sequel. So far the big new draw for Deadpool 2 has been the much-touted addition of X-Force's Cable.

"Yeah, Cable and Domino grabbed the headlines on Deadpool".

Speaking to LRM in a recent interview, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick stated that aside from Cable and Domino, fans can expect to see a few "more obscure" characters in the 2018 sequel.

While the original featured well-known X-man Colossus, it also gave the more niche mutant Negasonic Teenage Warhead plenty of screen-time. "He's like, 'Please, enough with the Zombieland talk!' We're pestering him the way we pestered Fox on Deadpool".

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So with the wealth of obscure and freaky characters at Fox's disposal, who are we likely to get in Deadpool 2? But with Deadpool 2 on the horizon, Reese and Wernick have been looking back on the film and have said that they are still in development for the sequel with a script written and everyone, including director Ruben Fleischer, keen to see it made but that it may not be so easy.

"I think intimidating, scary, a great foil opposite the lunacy", Reese teased. Kyle Chandler, Dolph Lundgren and Stranger Things star David Harbour have all been eyed for the role, but the casting process has taken a little longer as Wernick and Reese and director David Leitch search for the ideal fit.

It's an important decision, but the names in the running are brimming with talent and capable of carrying the X-Force franchise.

After Hugh Jackman's Wolverine wrapped up into a well-deserved ending, all eyes are set on Deadpool 2.